There are so many different strategies and products available to help build and secure financial wealth. Depending on your circumstances and what is important to you, will influence which strategies and products are suitable for you.

Over time your needs and objectives will naturally change. Which is why having an actively involved financial adviser is so important, so that they can proactively recommend what to do and when, allowing you to experience the full benefits of every opportunity.

When recommendations are given to you, you will be informed of the advantages, disadvantages, risks and costs involved so that you completely understand what is being recommended and why and most importantly, can see and feel the benefits as well as make educated decisions.

Your SASS Wealth Plan Tools


This is where we get to listen to what is important to you, what your concerns are and what you would like us to help you with. We will be able to tell you if we can help you as well as the estimated costs and level of work involved. The charge for this meeting is $220 -this is invoiced after the meeting and must be paid within 10 working days.
To be able to provide the best advice possible, we gather as much information as possible. This helps us gain a deeper understanding of you and your situation and where and how we can provide the biggest benefit to you.
After we have collected all the required information we then start the brainstorming process and map out all the different strategies and tools that will work for you. As we go through all the options, we may use certain parts of each idea to create and design your final strategy.
Here you are presented with your recommended strategy. It is important that you understand the strategy so that you can see the benefits for yourself. You also are given plenty of time and space to read and digest the advice and we welcome any questions you may have.
Once you are happy to proceed, the advice will be implemented and you become a client of SASS Financial. You join a boutique client base of motivated and committed people building their financial security. But most importantly you make the first and most powerful step towards your journey of financial independence.
As goals are achieved and your situation naturally evolves, we need to ensure that not only your strategy still works for you but it is still the most efficient strategy possible. Therefore regular reviews are so important to the success of your financial well being and we encourage you to inform us of any changes in your life that is important to you.

Cornerstones of quality and holistic advice

Investment Fundamentals

  • Building wealth conservatively but efficiently for you
  • Working to the time frame that suits you
  • Making the most of short term opportunities from market movements (within comfort levels)
  • Understanding impact for you with legislation changes
  • Looking for new financial opportunities to keep you on track

Commitment to review and maintain your SASS Wealth Plan Strategy

  • Working closely with SASS – understanding your personal situation and financial objectives
  • Allowing the strategy to evolve with you
  • Ensuring the recommended products and strategies are the best ones for you.


  • Educating you financially
  • Allowing you to see the benefits of the invaluable advice.

Honest and reliable Service Guarantee

  • Calls and emails are always replied to promptly
  • Last minute urgent meetings
  • Flexible with location and times of meeting

DISCLAIMER: Canna Campbell is an authorised representative of Wealthstream Financial Group Ltd and provides financial planning services for superannuation, managed investments, personal risk insurance, shares and self managed superannuation fund investment advice.

Canna Campbell is also an authorised credit representative of Wealthstream Financial Group Ltd and provides general advice in relation to credit and credit referrals only. Corporate Authorised Representative and Corporate Credit Representative of Wealthstream Financial Group Ltd Licensee 412079 ABN 35 152 803 113. Australian Financial Services Licensee 412079 Australian Credit Lincesee 412079, Suite 201, Level 2, 160 Rowe Street, Eastwood NSW 2122

Your journey towards long term financial freedom begins here.

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