Life is so precious and our health, relationships and finances are all fundamental to our happiness and wellbeing.

When I eliminate or reduce one of these stresses for my clients, by managing their finances and helping them build realisitic financial independance, I free up their time and energy, so that they can focus on enjoying what makes them happy.

Whether that be more time playing with children or grandchildren, more overseas holidays, or even an early retirement, they have the luxury of time and resources to do what brings them joy and fulfilment.

On my own, I established SASS Financial in early 2007, after an enjoyable career working with one of the major banks. And 9 years on, I am still looking after the same clients (and more) that followed me across from my days at the bank. SASS Financial has continued to grow from strength to strength, and I am as passionate today (if not more) about wealth management, than when I entered the industry 13 years ago.

We have wonderful long term relationships with clients at SASS Financial, and I have had the pleasure of helping many individuals, couples and families create financial security and harmony for themselves. I am very proud of what each client has created for themselves through my advice, efficient strategies, knowledge and proactive management.

On a personal note, I believe in practising what you preach. And like all my clients, I too am on a journey towards creating long term financial freedom and independance for my family.

I love doing charity work, I love travelling (especially when it includes a skiing trip), I love spending time with my little family and my friends.

If you feel that you are ready to take responsibility and ownership of your financial future and success, we would be more than happy to provide you with the required high quality advice and effective strategies to get you there. Please feel free to reach out to us.

Your journey towards long term financial freedom begins here.

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